Mistys Dash Of Fame
4897120 1996 sorrel mare

Horses don’t just start out as legends; they are based on bloodlines known for how well they achieve the goals we set for them.  Frenchmans Fabulous and Bob Burt’s Dash Ta Fame pedigrees both include AQHA Hall of Fame horses DRIFTWOOD & CLABBER – horses and lines my family has owned and combined for generations to produce top performers. Mare power is what enables these great lines to keep achieving.  I would like to introduce a new mare that continues the family lineage:

A daughter of the Blue Hen mare Misty Blurr (XL Broodmare of the Year). She is a full sister of 4 of the top 5 money earners sired by Dash Ta Fame, Sir Patrick Blurr, Soul Flame, Dashing Mistafier, Misty Blurr Ta Fame, Misty Mountain Blurr, and the list keeps going. 2nd dam produced the amazing Fame Fox Kirk (Amos). In the first two generations there is over $500,000 in barrel money earnings--this is CONCENTRATED proven barrel blood! This was “THE NICHE” for Dash Ta Fame so how can we miss on her as a broodmare. “Misty” is the only one not to be a barrel performer herself. Actually Bob Burt did not expect her to live due to a hip injury as a foal. Misty Blurr is due to have her turn in the Legends since she is now deceased. But the line will not stop there since we have “Misty.” Her oldest is a 3 year old in 2007 – Mistys First Success. Her first is one of the most talented & naturals I have worked with. See my write-up about Mistys First Success as we did an embryo on her in 2007 so we can keep her in the performance pen. This line has not just produced in barrel futurities & jackpots. This bloodline can lay claim to AQHA Reserve World Champion in Barrels with Dashing Mistafier, 2 AAA runners on the track. Go back another generation & you have Super Performance Award winner in Barrels with Fame Fox Kirk & 1AA/1AAA runner. Back another & you get 2AA/6AAA/2AAAT runners to show how versatile & deep in performers this family goes. Thanks to Western 37 Barrel Horse Prospects Shannon Akerstrom for the opportunity to own this mare. She also has a eye for the great mares – remember her name as you will see it again. Shannon won the XL Broodmare of the Year award in 2007 with one of her daughters of Dash Ta Fame! This goes to show the daughters will be producers just as they were performers.

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